Matthew Ralph Noel Ashton


Noel is the lead singer/front man of Total 80s and Just Jovi and in his spare time sings for BEGGAR!


He is a top draw singer with an amazing vocal range.


Richard Pattle

(Guitar and Keyboards)

Being equally adept on guitar as he is on keyboards, Richard gives the band the ability to take on with confidence any song Beggar cares to play. He is not only technically very proficient but his accurate reproduction of guitar and keyboard sounds set him apart from many other 'all round' musicians'. Previous bands: Outcry


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Richard Pattle


Chris Mann Chris Mann

(Bass and Vocals)

The foundation of any good rock band is a solid rhythm section. Chris delivers a full, powerful and yet punchy bass sound that drives the band. Combine that with strong lead and backing vocals he adds a great depth to the band. Previous bands: Crucifixion, Redline, The Legendary Undertakers, Outcry and Rock Bottom.


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Mark Kirkman

(Lead Guitar and Vocals)

Mark is a seriously talented rock guitarist combining lightning fast lead work with solid crisp rhythm. He faithfully reproduces classic solos but has the ability to improvise to add colour and variation to the songs. Previous bands: Random Black, Redline, U.S. and Outcry


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Mark Kirkman



Bob Harding Bob Harding

(Drums and Vocals)

Bob is simply one of the best drummers you will ever come across. He not only provides the drive and punch that makes Beggar stand out from the crowd but his high range backing vocals are a major asset to the band. Previous bands: Eric Blake, U.S., No Shame and Hawkwind!


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As with most hard working bands, sometimes members are  'deputised'.
Special thanks to the guys below for helping us out over the years.


Dave Moore
The legendary singer of EXPOSÉ  
Gary Pearce
Gary, as I am sure you know, is the front man for the mighty
Russell Gilbrook
Russ has been the drummer for Uriah Heep for some years now.
He is a massively powerful yet technical drummer at the top of his class.  Awesome.
Kenny Tomkins
Kenny is lead throat for Saviours.  A seriously good front man from the old school of foot on monitor.  Let's ROCK!
Simon J. Pinto
Simon is a truly professional musician.  Originally a drummer from the age of 6, now one of the best guitarists around today.  Guitar player Magazine 'Guitarist of the Year' and has played with Marian Carey and even Peter Andre.
Dave Wilson
Dave is the amazing guitarist and singer for East of Java
Martin Challis
Martin was lead vocalist for BEGGAR for nearly 10 years
Trevor Rayment
Sean Mitchell
Sean is the front man for Repertoire Dogs


Dennis Stewart
Den is the front man for Charlie's Aunt
Peter Skillett
Pete is the front man for Grounds For Divorce
Jeff Braithwaite
Jeff is the drummer for Chariot and Captured
Chris Teeder
Chris plays 'premier league' keyboard and is a regular player with Phil Hilborne, Peter Eldridge and Nicko McBrain.  He has seen fit to help us out from time to time and we are always grateful for his top class performances.
Peter Eldridge
Pete was a lead vocalist in ‘We Will Rock You’ at The Dominion Theatre, London for two years, has sung all over the world with the Phil Hilborne band.  He is a professional singer and actor.  Also when Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden’s drummer) gigs with his own band, Pete is his vocalist.  Currently the lead singer for top tribute band "Hats off to Led Zeppelin"
Glenn Raymond
Glenn currently drums with THE GIFT (Jam tribute band) and TOTAL80S.
John Raymond
John is the bass player for Too Rex and Jon Bovi tribute acts.  A pedigree player.
Glen Buck
Stick man for Mr Spanky and the Hipthrusters.  A top musical mercenary!
Jeff Reid
Currently the bass player for THE RISING, Jeff was the long time bassist for Hair of the Dog until Pete Gale's sad demise folded the band.  A is seriously smooth talented finger player...  nice!
Lee Weller

Lee is a great male vocalist who performs a real mix of Pop and Rock songs from Frank Sinatra through to modern acts such as George Michael, Robbie Williams, Oasis, the Killers and many more. He covers all artists with ease adding his own flair and unique style.

Martin Cutmore
Bassists for STEAL and top bloke too.
Simon Burchell
Simon is the amazing left handed bass player for BEAGLES.   He plays a normally strung right handed bass upside down!   Whatever next ...
Chris Benton
A Dr Who look-alike that happens to play the drums rather well...  no saying that Dr Who doesn't but I haven't seen a drumming episode yet!